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Proclaiming Bible prophecy as related to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the message of revival as it concerns the Church and the individual, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost.

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New Conferences for 2019

We have very recently booked 2 more last minute conferences for 2019. If you've missed out this year, here's your chance! Bethel Bible Baptist Church (Ingleburn, NSW) - 1-3 November Westside Baptist Church (Deer Park, VIC) - 22-24 November Click below for more details...

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2018 Springwood Bible Prophecy Conference Audio & Video

The Herald of Hope is pleased to make available to you the videos from five of the sessions at the 2018 Springwood Bible Prophecy Conference. These videos can be played directly from this post.

We’ve also extracted the audio files for those who may prefer to download those.

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Latest Articles

Does the Rapture Start the 70th Week?

Some have asserted that because the Church is NOT to be looking for the Antichrist, but for Christ at the Rapture, therefore there must be a gap between the two events. It sounds “spiritual” to be so focused on Christ that we neglect the Antichrist but it has not one...

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The Amazing Horse

by Vince Wall The horse is the one animal that has transformed civilization more than any other. Before modern machines the horse was integral in the development of many cultures throughout the world. As well as transportation, the horse has been used in warfare,...

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Cessation of the Sign Gifts

John R. Ecob D.D. The early church was blessed with gifts of the Spirit that were supernatural and therefore were called sign gifts. These included the gift of prophecy and the gift of languages called tongues. In the Old Testament God spoke to Israel by His prophets...

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86,400 Seconds

by Vince Wall No matter who we are, rich or poor we are all given something in common that we can spend. Each of us has been given the gift of time. One author wrote, Time is a strange commodity we can’t save it, retrieve it, relive it, stretch it, borrow it, loan it,...

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It’s Time to Run from Rome

The April Herald of Hope Magazine will soon be arriving in subscribers letterboxes. This month Vince Wall has written an interesting article on the corrupt practices of the Roman Catholic Church.  It’s Time, to Run from Rome. And I heard another voice from heaven,...

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A Fool’s Retirement

Here is a sneak peak of an article written by Vince Wall, which appeared in the February 2019 Edition of The Herald of Hope Magazine: The Bible references both money and possessions over 2,300 times. In Luke chapter 12 we read the Parable of the Rich Fool. Jesus may...

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Questions & Answers

Is Jesus the King of the Church?

Question Is Jesus the King of the Church? Answer Some Churches teach that Christ is the King of the Church and many modern choruses refer to the Church as a kingdom with Christ as our King. Is this Scriptural? Is this...

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Did the Church Start at Pentecost?

Question Did the Church Start at Pentecost?Answer Some teach that the Church did not begin until Acts 13 when the Gospel was preached to the Gentiles, and that baptism for believers was only a Jewish rite. Water Baptism...

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A bi-monthly magazine dedicated to proclaiming Bible prophecy as related to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the message of revival as it concerns the Church and the individual, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost.

Upcoming Events

  1. Westside Baptist Church (Deer Park)

    November 22 - November 24

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