Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theories are not new and many have a common theme; most implicate the Jews. The destruction of the World Trade Centre, by two airliners on 11 September 2001, piloted by Muslim terrorists, has been questioned...

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Ribera and Prophecy

by John R Ecob DD Was Futurism Invented by a Jesuit Priest? Amillennialist writers persisently claim that the premillennial teaching of the Lord’s return (Futurism), was first taught by Ribera, a Jesuit priest in his...

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Rapture or Revelation

Distinctions Between Rapture and Revelation At the Rapture At the Revelation At the Rapture At the Revelation Christ comes to the air 1 Thessalonians 4:17 Christ comes to the earth His feet shall stand on the Mount of...

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Signs and Wonders

by John Ecob We live in a day when many are claiming signs, and wonders which they  attribute to God. Often those making the claim give no serious regard to the Scripture but others attempt to justify their claims by...

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Dams that Can Dry Up the Nile

Few people would appreciate the magnitude of the Aswam Dam which holds back the waters of the mighty Nile River at Egypt’s southern border. First, we must have some knowledge of the River that is intersected by this...

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A Jewish Wedding 2000 Years Ago

by Dr J E Herbert PhD First, there is the matter of the kiddushin. You might better recognize it by the name “betrothal.” Far from being part of the wedding ceremony, the kiddushin was separated by both time and...

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