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Spanish Eternity to Eternity Graphics

Our free publication, Eternity to Eternity, contains 82 charts & graphics.

These are all available to download in Spanish.

The Herald of Hope Chinese

Herald of Hope Chinese is a site that has all of our resources that have been translated into Chinese including many articles and publications.

Free downloads

The following publications are available in PDF format and free to download. Just click on the DOWNLOAD button underneath each publication. You’ll need the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open them. Get Adobe Reader now, if you don’t have it already.


God's Prophetic Plan (Chinese)

El Plan Profetico dé Dios


    Eternity to Eternity - Chinese

    De Eternidad a Eternidad (Eternity to Eternity - Spanish)

    Tradición o Verdad (Tradition or Truth - Spanish Version)

    English Version Available

    The Catholic Church has strayed far from biblical truth.

    All Christians must be prepared, no matter how high the cost, to confront false teachings wherever they find it, so that many who have a zeal for God can discover the true righteousness available in Jesus Christ.

    This book is prepared with the prayer that Catholics will see the errors of the Church of Rome and turn to Jesus Christ alone. Also that Protestants will be made aware of the dangers of the ecumenical movement that is seeking to bring all churches together in a last-days world church.

    The Basics of Bible Prophecy (Afrikaans Edition)

    Download this resource for a great overview of Biblical prophecy, including the seven dispensations.

    The Basics in Bible Prophecy (Spanish Edition)

    The Basics of Bible Prophecy (Chinese Edition)


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